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      We're here to help during a difficult time

      There's not much that's tougher than dealing with a death in the family. Not only are you going through a very emotional time, you're also having to make important legal and financial decisions. The impact of an accident or an illness can be life-changing, too. We understand how overwhelming all of it is, and we're here to help.
      Whenever you're ready.

      File a claim

      File a claim

      Whether you're dealing with a death, accident, or illness, we're here to make the claims process as
      smooth and swift as possible. Click the links below for the corresponding form, or give us a call.

      How do I report
      death of an insured?

      How do I submit
      a disability claim?

      How do I submit
      a long-term care (LTC) claim?

      Locate a lost policy

      Locate a lost policy

      If you've misplaced or lost your life, disability, or long-term care policy,
      call us and we'll help.

      (800) 388-8123